Friday, October 08, 2004

Three Girls but No Anna

It all started at about 11 when one of my female friends called me for lunch, and also to tell me that she was going on a trip to Germany and Austria the next day and to ask if I wouldn't mind watching her cats for two weeks. No problem I guess, especially since she treated me for lunch at Earl's. Mmmmm. Then at about 1pm Lily called me to see if I wanted to go for lunch....hmmm....pass up a lunch date with Lily? Did you think I could Tiff? So I went to lunch with Lily and we talked until around 2:30pm. Then I decided to go downtown and called one of my best friends Sam for coffee. No Tiff, not YOUR Sam, my friend is actually named Sam. Afterwards I was going to hang out at Chapter's for a while but then ANOTHER female friend of mine, Mei, wanted to go play bingo in Surrey (????) and needed company. Bingo, the most boring game in the universe but I had nothing else to do anyways so off I went.

As it turned out, I lost $30 while she got TWO bingos and won about $120. I got another free meal out of it. Yes, good old Jason getting free food from pretty girls.

No plans on Friday, my second day off. Maybe just chill and catch The Apprentice, since I missed it tonight.

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