Monday, May 28, 2007

Mixed Emotions

My schedule for the next month will be very unpredictable and mixed up, but it looks like I will be on morning shifts (7:15am-3:15pm) for the most part, with random days off. It'll be an interesting change from the mid shifts I've had for the last three months or so. The bad news is I have to wake up around 6am every day and try not to look like a zomebie when I get to work. The good news is since I'm off at 3:15, I do have most of the day left to run errands, have dinner and catch movies. The daytime floor manager has different job functions from the mid, but it's all good. I just have to get used to everything again.

Friday, May 25, 2007

May the Force Be With You

I'm sure most of you geeks will know that 30 years ago today, a movie called Star Wars opened in theaters. How time flies.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Away From Her

In between some big blockbuster movies (Spider-Man 3, Shrek the Third, and that pirate movie) I'd heard so much about this Canadian-made movie that I had to see it. And I'm glad I did. I guess I'm still a sucker for sappy sad films, but this movie was more than that. It got me thinking a lot about mortality and what life will be like in my later years. Without giving away the movie, the plot was very well laid out and as far as I know, terribly realistic. I'm glad I saw it, and I'm glad I didn't overdo it with the tears.

A wonderful and poignant line from the movie: "It's never too late to become what you might have been"

Next week is that pirate movie.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Paris Hilton

I don't write a lot of stuff about celebrities in my blog, except when I'm talking about a movie I saw. But here begins my rant on the big joke known as Paris Hilton.

Her sentence of 45 days has just been cut to 23 days "for good behavior". What kind of bullshit is this? She broke the law (twice), she's still partying, she's late for her hearings, and now her jail time is cut because of good behavior? Maybe there's a sex tape with Paris and the judge. Whoever ruled on this is on some serious sort of drugs and should be sentence himself (or herself) to the missing 23 days in jail.

Equally sad are the pathetic people who are still on the side of "the heiress". People actually look up to this lame excuse for a human being and think she shouldn't even serve ANY jail time. Well good, next time she's out drinking and driving (which should be about one day after she's released) maybe we'll have her hit and kill somebody and see where that leads.

I used to think the laws in Canada were a joke but it looks like the Americans are giving us some competition. And to think one day she's going to inherit the Hilton empire. Sad sad sad.

Shrek the Third

Last night I went to see this cute little cartoon. There was nothing special about it but at least it was pretty funny. There was some interesting casting (even if it's only the voices): Justin Timberlake as Artie, Larry King and Regis Philbin as the Evil Stepsisters to name a few.

Next week is "the pirate movie".

Friday, May 18, 2007


My long 7-in-a-row work week is now over, and I have my precious three days off in a row. I'll be pretty busy but anything is a welcome change from work. Time to relax. Friday I have a checkup with the eye doctor, then having dinner with Kim and Chap. Saturday it's off to the States with Four-Eyes, and Sunday, hmmm, maybe catch a flick with Lily. Good night.

Monday, May 14, 2007

No Rest for the Wicked

I'm in the middle of a 7-in-a-row stretch. It started with a 2:30pm supervising shift on Friday followed by 6 straight 3:15pm managing shifts. Just finished Day 3 of 7. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened except it was Mother's Day today (Happy Mother's Day to my Mom of course). I celebrated it by being in a bitchy mood, but that's mainly because certain people were making it bitchy for me. They shall remain nameless. All I will say is I can't wait for Friday because that means three days off in a row for me. I sure could use it as soon as possible.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Spiderman 3 Again?

What the heck, I decided to go see the movie again. This time I admit I enjoyed the movie a bit more, perhaps because I knew what to expect. I think the big problem with the film is that the story focuses too much on Goblin 2.0, as opposed to Spiderman. Both seemed to get equal status in the movie. Do I perhaps sense a Goblin sequel?

Monday, May 07, 2007

Spiderman 3

I heard there was some movie with a guy dressed up in a spider suit that was out this week, so I decided to contribute to the $148 million estimated gross.

For me, the movie was average. Of course the effects were amazing, but that's all they were, effects. For all the hype and talk surrounding this movie, I must say I was disappointed. I think they tried to cram too many stories into a film. This would have been better off as a TV series or even split up into separate movies a la Matrix.

I'm actually looking more forward to seeing Away From Her, a simple movie with no special effects. But of course I do have to make room for the upcoming blockbusters, some pirate movie with Johnny Depp and that green cartoon ogre...

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Blog about hockey coming up, my American friends can stop reading...

It has been one hell of a playoffs this year. Two absolutely amazing performances by goaltenders this year has resulted in their teams being eliminated. First there was Marty Turco, who had three shutouts in one series. Unfortunately his Dallas Stars also lost 4 to the Canucks.

And then there was Roberto Luongo. Now most of my friends and coworkers know that I am not a Canucks fan. Rather, I am not a bandwagon jumper that cheers just because a team is winning. I was, am, and always will be a Montreal Canadiens fan. But that's not that point. Luongo's performance for the Canucks in the regular seasons was nothing short of phenomenal. But what he did in the playoffs was beyond mind-boggling. He singlehandedly kept the Canucks within sight of the Cup. And it was sad to see how it all ended, by a fluke goal in double overtime. Nevertheless, I want to say to Mr. Luongo: You have shown me what hard work is. Your work ethic and obvious love of the game should be a testament to everyone, and not just in hockey or sports. The guy never wants to take a break. Anybody who says anything remotely bad about your performance should get his or her head examined. Without you, the Canucks would be in last place.