Saturday, October 31, 2009

Slickety Jim's Chat N' Chew

My brunch consultant came across this small establishment on Main Street close to Broadway, and that's where we went on the weekend. It was an interesting little restaurant with a lot of retro decor. A lot of the food items had interesting names such as Revolutionary Eggs (what Amy had) and The Mean Teen Queen. Amy's meal was ham and eggs with asiago and cornbread. I had something with a weird name, "When I Met Ghoulio on the Playground" or something like that. It was Eggs Benny with prosciutto, and quite delicious.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Short Update

Life is good.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Central Bistro

Yesterday's brunch (well more like lunch) was spent at a quaint little place downtown near Stanley Park. The decor was very nice and I was impressed with the great service. I had a spicy beef hash which had way too many potatoes (which were delicious but too much). Our weekend brunch hunts continue.

OK back to work.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

American Judging

Way back in May I posted an entry regarding Dancing With the Stars and how unfair the so-called judging was. Nothing has changed. You can't tell me that Natalie Coughlin should have been eliminated, it was only because she wasn't as popular as the others. Are the Americans really voting for who they think are the better dancers, or are they voting for their favorite celebrity?

Let's not forget the past season of America's Got Talent. It is blatantly obvious that AMERICA voted for the underdog just because he had a nice story. Unfortunately I can guarantee you that his show in Vegas is probably a flop, while Barbara Padilla and the percussion group will find much more success.


Amy had mentioned this quaint little restaurant on occasion so last night that's where we went. It served Belgian fare. The place is close to Gastown, and is right beside Cafe Medina where we went a few weeks ago. The design was very nice and upscale, not what I'd expected.

As an appetizer we got the $16 bacon and scallops (or scallops with pork cheek) which while delicious was definitely not worth it. We got three scallops and that's about it. But the dinner more than made up for it. We had two different kinds of mussels for $22 each, one in a tomato sauce and the other cream. We didn't have room for dessert.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Seb's Market Cafe

Before work I had brunch at this nice little corner cafe on Broadway near Fraser. The lineup wasn't too bad, perhaps 15 minutes. I had an ice chai latte and a yummy bacon and apple omelette. My better half had a Eggs Benny with crab. I'm really enjoying our little travels into the lesser-known little restaurants and cafes around town (even though all of them have had rave reviews). How many more of these are in town?

Friday, October 16, 2009


Who wants to make a bet that the balloon family will get a reality show? Wow, between that show, Octomom, Kate the Loser Plus 8, who has time for anything else? America is so obviously in the forefront of excellent TV programming. They prefer a chicken farmer who sings offkey to an opera singer who hit every note. Where do I begin?

Maybe I miss all the Michael Jackson reports after all.


The boy was in the attic. Meanwhile CNN was turning the show into some ratings stunt. I guess the Dad did it all for publicity. He probably got a commission from CNN. I hope he gets fired from his job and nobody hires him. He is an embarrassment to parents around the world.

I'm beginning to think TMZ has better coverage than CNN.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


The news of the day in the great United States is the story of the 6-year-old boy who supposedly got into his father's experimental balloon that was tethered in the backyard and drifted away from his Colorado home. What kind of people would leave this balloon in the backyard knowing there is a 6-year-old in the family? Now the balloon has landed and the child is not inside. That's nice.

Knowing how the American media is, the parents will eventually do a heart-wrenching interview thanking everyone for their work. Instead, they should be in jail for being perhaps the worst parents of the year.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Quiz of the Day

If you had to lose the use of one of the following for one week what would it be?

1) cell phone
2) Facebook
3) email account
4) TV

I'm considering some sort of a detox if that makes sense, perhaps try to go without each of the above for one week (not at the same time). TV should be easily, as I've gone a month without it once. The other ones will be tough but why not? It just seems that the wrong things are taking over our lives.

Friday, October 09, 2009


I find this whole David Letterman situation hilarious. As usual, the wonderful media has somehow transformed a bad person into a saint. yes, he was the victim of a possible blackmail scheme but evidently the fact that he was being blackmailed because he was having an affair seems to be forgotten. Obviously it's OK to be adulterous when you're in Hollywood, especially when you're a famous celebrity. Next thing you know, they're going to do a reality show following the lives of ALL of Letterman's mistresses. Letterman Plus 8 (or however many it is).

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Other than keeping up with IMPORTANT news, I'm finding it almost unnecessary to watch TV, especially all this crap from the so-called entertainment world. At least I don't watch 24-hour reports on Michael Jackson anymore. But now it's all about the Gosselin family. Why are they even in the celebrity category anyways? Is it because years ago they both agreed to exploit their kids for the love of money? I don't care who's having an affair. Both are at fault, and the attempt of the media (and TLC) to make HER look good isn't working. She is abusing her kids, not physically but in every other way possible. Please remove her face from the news. They can do a show called "Kate plus 0".

If I wasn't so tired I'd comment on Dave Letterman. Maybe tomorrow.

Friday, October 02, 2009

C Restaurant

It was one year ago tonight that I went to dinner with a very special lady. For our one-year first-date anniversary (is it legal to use two dashes in one sentence?) I chose one of my favorite restaurants, the only one I know of with one letter in it's name... C Restaurant. When I booked the reservation online I was asked if I wanted flowers to be delivered as well, so I thought why not. It was suggested that I call the restaurant to say that flowers would be delivered and to have them arranged. So I did.

So we went to the restaurant and I saw the flowers that I'd ordered along with another arrangement that I assumed was part of the restaurant. Evidently my phone conversation was misinterpreted and the restaurant thought that I'd asked them to get some flowers to put on the table. So Amy got two arrangements instead of one.

Oh the food. As usual, I really enjoyed dinner at C. Amy had a lobster bisque and I ordered a pork belly as an appetizer. You could say that I got a nice piece of fat pork but it was delicious. Oh I forgot, we'd also gotten a little apertif beforehand, some sort of a drink which I couldn't remember the ingredients of.

For main courses, she had scallops and I had a seared halibut. Maybe the fish was a tad overcooked but I still enjoyed it. For dessert I had a white chocolate bread pudding.

I was most impressed with the excellent service. As each dish was presented, the kind server (Drew) would describe it. Water was readily filled up and I had a good time, even if I paid extra for another bunch of flowers. But they were nice.

Happy Anniversary, Baby.