Saturday, October 23, 2004

Better Than Nothing

I got five numbers out of seven in the Super 7 yesterday! In total, I managed to win $168.50 for an $8 investment, not bad! I can't believe I only won $168 though, I mean the odds of getting 5 numbers out of 7 (47 numbers to choose) isn't exactly easy. Oh well, better than nothing.

Today I took my cousin to Aberdeen Mall and went to that Daiso place, the huge store where everything is $2. Tiff, I think you'd be in heaven there. I bought a couple of pens and miscellaneous stuff for....$2 each. Some things there are not worth $2, while some things are incredible deals at $2.

Anyways, now we're going to Shabusen for dinner with his friend and wife, then I have my wonderful midnight shift. Toodle loo.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Daiso's alright. There arn't really any aisles or anything... everything is just sort of everywhere, so that gives me headaches...

As for Shabusen... That place is AWESOME.