Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The Human Calculator

I got to deal for a second night and I must say it was great. The key to dealing a good roulette game is to be able to calculate the payouts that a player has won, and to do it quickly. Last night my brain must have been working overtime because I was coming up with calculations faster than usual. The players were often shocked and even the supervisors were impressed. I guess I have to thank my Grandma years ago, who instilled the times table into my head when I was about 8 years old.

If anything, it's all a matter of applying the appropriate shortcuts and just being able to calculate in your head. For example, to multiply 73 x 32, you can go (73 x 30) + (73 x 2), or just calculate in your head. I wonder how wonder brain Ben does it.

Tonight I'm back to supervising, but it was a nice change the last two nights.
And I saw "The Wedding Singer" this afternoon which has put me into a good mood because I love the movie.

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