Thursday, March 29, 2007

Feeling Good Again

It was an easy and pleasant three-day week for me after my vacation in paradise. Things went smoothly although there were a few hiccups. The holiday was a very good refresher and I went back to work feeling a lot better. And now tonight, it's back to the usual Vancouver favorite, KARAOKE!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I Need Another Holiday

Back to work today. It was rather uneventful although it was a bit hectic around 7pm because the poker room was full. As well, I had to cover some sick calls on the floor, but it wasn't like anything I couldn't handle. As a result, my first day back was nice and easy. Let's hope it stays that way for a few days.

Monday, March 26, 2007


When I was in Portland I went to see this movie with Johnny. Wow, $5 for a Saturday matinee, haven't seen those in a long time! The movie was your standard thriller, nothing special. The two girls in the movie were hot. I remember Rhona Mitra from Hollow Man but the other one I don't recall from any films. Not bad at all.

Return From Paradise

And so ends my short holiday in Portland. Actually I stayed in a town called Colton, about 30 minutes drive from Portland. It was up in the mountains and it was so peaceful. The back of the house overlooked a stream that is actually a waterfall in the spring as the snow melts. It was breathtaking and I miss it already. Thanks to my good friend Johnny and his wonderful grandmother for their hospitality.

Aside from the amazing view, I had a great time at Powell's City of Books (as I knew I would), that's a bloody big bookstore. I also had a nice walk downtown to check out the LV store, and buy See's candies for my Mom. No tax! And of course Johnny and I spent Saturday night at Chang's Mongolian Grill, all you can eat for $10.95. How can you beat that?

I need a holiday.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Yeah well I pretty much had a premonition that Premonition would be a bad movie. BINGO! It was too confusing and the supposed ending was just silly. What's with Sandra Bullock and all these back and forth in time movies as of late (first Lake House and now this)? Her acting is so bland there was just no chemistry between her and Julian McMahon.


No, this post isn't about my cell phone company, it was about the quirky Canadian-made movie I saw last night, starring Carrie-Anne Moss and Billy Connolly. I was pleasantly surprised at this comedy-horror mixture. There were some really corny lines but in the end, I really liked it. I'm glad because the last two movies I saw (Number 23 and Ghost Rider) were absolute duds. Next up is probably Premonition with Lily tonight.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Bye for Now

And so begins a well-deserved holidays for me, as the week didn't exactly end on a positive note work-wise. I look forward to visiting my good friend Johnny down in Portland, as well as: buying candies for Mom, booze and cigarettes for Daryl, checking out the coolest bookstore in the world, and eating Mongolian BBQ, and of course catching up on old times with Mr. Mc. I haven't decided yet if I will Greyhound it or Honda Fit it, but either way I can't wait. See you all on March 25.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


And so ends a long and frustrating week at work. I had to work 6 days in a row due to the usual management holidays. At least after my days off I only work 4 days before I'm off again. It wasn't the best of weeks at work, all graveyard shifts. According to the higher ups, I made some incorrect decisions which I still stand behind. But what can you do?

I'm awaiting my holiday, even if it's to a silly crossword tournament in Connecticut. Anything to get away from thinking about work.