Thursday, October 21, 2004

Against All Odds

There is a position available at the casino for a relief floor manager. The floor manager/relief floor manager is in charge of the running of the casino games (whereas the shift manager is more in charge of the technical aspects, and is the "boss" of the floor manager). Anyways, I've decided to apply, even though I am facing fairly impossible odds (slim and none, etc.). However, who would have thought that the Boston Red Sox would beat the New York Yankees after being down 3-0?

Realistically I don't have much of a chance, but if anything, my application is part of a plan; this way Head Office at least knows I am interested, and in the future I may have a better chance. And of course, if the planets are aligned correctly, perhaps a miracle can happen. Who knows.

Time to touch up my resume and write one hell of a cover letter. "Yo yo, gimme the job, yo"...OK maybe not.


Anonymous said...

Reference to Phil Collins?

Jason said...

I will try to title each blog after a song, not always easy.