Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Random Thoughts

Did everybody have a good Thanksgiving? I was at work but I had a good time. The music was set to a retro station so all night I was listening to mostly disco and 80's songs. I'm back to work tonight once more as a dealer; back to supervising tomorrow.

It is possible that starting next year I will be teaching the roulette course to dealers who are learning the game. This will mean I will be working both as a teacher AND a supervisor, lots of work (and not much sleep) but the money should be excellent.

Tomorrow is SUPPOSED to be the start of the NHL season. This sucks bigger than anything in the world. Hockey is my life and to go possibly a year (or MORE???) with no hockey is sickening. I hope these money-grabbing idiots get their act together. And by the way, I hate the owners and I hate the players too. They obviously don't care about the fans.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no, the hockey players are on strike. It's too bad you don't have a "normal" problem like oppression or racial bigotry.