Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Just Another Day

Just sitting at home watching The Amazing Race (early version on Channel 134) before my trek to Coquitlam for my 11pm shift. Before that I watched Rebel Billionaire, nothing too exciting.

Looks like it's a cold one outside, something tells me we're going to see a lot of snow this year.

And now, back to the show.

LATE UPDATE: It's over! Ken Jennings has lost!

Monday, November 29, 2004

Boring Work

Lots of 10:15pm-6:15am shifts on the present 2-week schedule. I'm actually getting used to them, but the problem is that most of the time I'm stuck in the roulette pit, watching the same games (while other supervisors usually get to watch a variety of games during the night). Unfortunately not enough supervisors know roulette like I do.

Tuesday I have an 11pm-7am shift...IN COQUITLAM! I haven't been back there in a while. The tips are the best there so I can't complain.

I won't see Jolene until Saturday night, but I can't wait.

Friday, November 26, 2004

"Lord Vader"..."Yes Master"..."Rise!"

Went to see The Incredibles with Albert, but the highlight was watching the trailer for Star Wars Episode III. May 19, 2005 I know where I'll be. I can't wait.

Oh yeah, The Incredibles. It was actually a pretty neat movie/cartoon, much better than I had expected. I recognized a few of the voices but it wasn't like they had a lot of really popular actors and actresses (Samuel L. Jackson was my favorite).

Thursday, November 25, 2004

I've Had Better Days

This is a pretty miserable day so far, especially because things are up in the air. When I went for my eye exam last week, I did a bunch of other tests. Evidently the "field test" was not very good and I'm being referred to an eye specialist. Of course this does not necessarily mean something bad, but then again it does not necessarily mean nothing is wrong. The dreaded word glaucoma came into the conversation, and I can only hope that's not the case. But if it is the case, I hope at least something can be done. I hope all this is a case of paranoia on my part...I guess we'll see once I see the eye specialist.

Meanwhile, I guess I should wish any Americans reading this ultra-boring blog a Happy Thanksgiving.

Time for R & R

At last I have two days off to relax in the comfort of my home. I doubt I'll be doing much although I think it's time I do some spring cleaning. My place is such a mess. There's also this table that's been in my balcony for three years that I haven't gotten around to getting rid of (mainly because I don't know how I'd throw it away). I wonder if I can some how fit it into storage downstairs.

Anyways, I'm beat. Hope everybody is well.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

If Life is a Bowl of Cherries then Why am I in the Pits?

Lately my life seems to be in a rut. Sure, I'm happy I'm back at work at the casino, catching up on old times with friends and meeting new people. But every day it seems to be the same old thing...sleep, eat, work (in different orders). I need a holiday and so far have requested some time off in July for the 2005 Canadian Open. I'd also like to go to Vegas some time in the spring just to see the greatest place in the world. Soon Ben and I will take the poker world by storm I hope.

As for chess, I doubt I'll be playing much in the coming months, perhaps not until the Canadian Open itself. There's just no time and energy to devote a whole weekend.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Must Be PMS

What an ugly night to return to after two wonderful days off. The floor manager was in an amazingly grumpy mood and it definitely showed. She was pretty much yelling at everybody and blaming others for certain mistakes when it was she herself who made them (I won't go into detail here). As supervisors, we are told never to rebuke dealers on the table, but to take them aside or speak to them on their breaks. The same should apply when a manager must say something to a supervisor. However, Ms. Floor Manager was pretty much insulting us within hearing range of dealers and supervisors (and players) and it definitely does not look good.

But after work five of us (supervisors) had a wonderful breakfast at Denny's venting our frustrations out, it was awesome. I still feel shitty about the whole night but at least I got a lot of things off my chest. Now I can hopefully get a decent "day's" sleep before getting back to the grind at 8:30pm.

Friday, November 19, 2004

You're Fired....and You're Fired Too

Wow, a double firing on The Apprentice last night! Well, both Wes and Maria were arguing for the whole show so it's not too surprising they both got the axe. What happens, is there like one less episode of the show now?

My eyes aren't as swollen from the contacts now but I went to the eye doctor who said I could perhaps stick to glasses for the weekend just to rest the eyes. We'll see how I look tomorrow when I get some sleep.

On another note, I had to write a report on an incident that happened at the casino on November 15. I won't get into detail here (as you will all be incredibly bored and confused) but suffice to say a customer complained about one of the dealers and frankly I have to side with the customer on this one. However, I may have made a few incorrect judgement calls myself. Hopefully I won't get into too much shit over it.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming....

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Money Money Money

I'm watching the early version of The Apprentice as we speak. Looks like something to do with Levi's. Hmm, is it me or is Ivana kind of hot this week?

My right eye has been quite swollen from my failed attempts to put the contact lens in. Everybody at work last night thought that I either had no sleep or was in a fight. I probably won't wear them on my days off.

Mei wanted to play bingo tonight but I wasn't in the mood. I'm just going to relax a bit and probably grab some dinner later. Tiff, where are you?

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The New Look

I'm wearing contact lenses now! What started as a long overdue trip to the eye doctor for an exam became a new experience for me. I am still planning to get new eyeglasses in the New Year (when my extended medical coverage kicks in) but the eye doc and I discussed contact lenses so I thought what the heck.

So far I'm not used to sticking things into my eye and then taking them out. It took me almost 30 minutes to put them on the first time, but the cute little receptionist said that's an average time. I guess we'll see what happens now; I have a three month's supply of them so if I decide not to continue with them, that's OK. But I must admit they're cool. I don't feel them at all.

On a different note, I just finished watching the second episode of Rebel Billionaire. WOW! What a show, it's my new favorite (even ahead of The Apprentice). Now I'm watching The Amazing Race before I get ready for work.

Work Sucks (again)

It was another tough night at work; without getting into detail suffice to say that it's tough to be a supervisor. Sometimes you tell someone to do something again and again, and yet he or she does not do it. It gets so frustrating sometimes.

Meanwhile, Jolene starts her two-week holiday. I left my phone number (and email address) with her and asked her to call me for dinner. Let's see if she calls me. In the meantime there's still Anna at work....

Welcome back, Tiff, nice to talk to you finally after all this time. Now MSN won't be as boring.

7:15am, perhaps I should commence sleep.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

The Search is Over?

Could it be another passing phase, or could it be I've POSSIBLY found the woman of my dreams? And after all this time, can it be that it's not Anna after all?

Jolene is in many ways the opposite of Anna. I'm not saying she's a dumb blonde but I sense that Anna is more intelligent while Jolene is more beautiful. Anna is short, Jolene is tall. Anna is introverted, Jolene is extroverted. And yet I'm attracted to both.

Tonight, I was flirting a bit with Jolene (Anna left just as I started work) and surprisingly Jolene was flirting back. That of course doesn't mean much except that she at least doesn't find me impulsive. I was fortunate enough to spend every break with her.

The bad thing (or can it be good?) is that she's on holiday for two weeks starting Tuesday. She's not planning to go anywhere so it looks like she has a lot of free time to...say....go out with me. It's time to plan something like a movie on Friday. What's good in the theater these days?

Friday, November 12, 2004


After taking my best friend Michael and his wife Vandy out for dinner, Michael and I decided to try out luck on the poker tables, since we hadn't gone for such a long time (almost a year?). We played for about three hours, and made about $100 between the two of us (Michael about $65 and me about $35). Good enough. I didn't get a lot of good hands but whenever I did get one, I got paid for it.

When are you going to be old enough to play, Ben? The tables await you.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Days Off Finally

Wow, what a way to end my week. I started at 7:45pm and didn't sign out until 5am. Quick kids, how many hours did Mr. Feng work? It was really busy at work and as if by fate, I did not spend ONE shift in roulette (I usually spend 80% of my time there) where the ever lovely Anna was working. I've asked a few people and again, as if by fate, EVERY ONE of them thought that Jolene was more my type than Anna. Well I guess I have two days to contemplate and decide on a plan of action.

These two days off are most welcome after a long week. Perhaps I'll stay in bed for 48 hours.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Anna Who?

Can it be, has somebody come into my life that makes me forget about Anna?

There are two new roulette dealers, one was Jelena, who was part of that little incident I wrote about yesterday. The other is a ravishing girl named Jolene. I had seen her a few months ago when I had a day shift, as she used to work days until she took the roulette course, and now must return back to night shift.

Anyways, suffice to say there was something about her, something enticing. As if by fate, her very first shift on roulette was with me supervising, and even though she was nervous, she managed to get through it. Evidently she was telling everybody in the breakroom what a nice supervisor I was, helping her through her first hour. My best friend at the casino, Michael, was even asking me what the hell was going on between me and Jolene, because he noticed we were standing very close to each other. Hmmm....

And now, a decision to make...there is the quiet, gentle Anna, and from what I gather, the more outgoing Jolene. Hopefully I'll end up with one of them at least.

On another note, I saw the premiere episode of Rebel Billionaire, the reality show with Richard Branson. This is a cool show if you haven't watched it yet.

OK good night. Lily wants to have lunch on Wednesday instead of Thursday this week, and since it's about 7am now I better get some rest.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

You Talkin' To Me?

It was bound to happen sooner or later, I almost went at it with a player tonight. He was picking on one of the roulette dealers, who was dealing for the first time. She was nervous but that's part of the process. I was very annoyed that somebody would have nothing better to do than try to make it worse for the dealer. I told the player to relax and then he just started swearing and pretty much threatening me. So I called the manager and then the guy left. Nothing much became of that, but I really felt bad for the dealer. Why are people such assholes sometimes?

Monday, November 08, 2004

Paging Dr. Feng

Now I know how a doctor feels being on call every day.

After work last night (10:15pm-6:15am) a couple of us coworkers decided to go for breakfast at Denny's, and I didn't get home until around 8. No worries, I wasn't supposed to work until 10:15pm tonight as well.

That was until I got a "wakeup call" at 12:45pm asking if I can come in to work at 2:15pm. Ugh. Well, I guess at least I can sleep early TONIGHT. So I only have time to say hi before getting ready for work....8 hours after I came home from work.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Back on Blogger

Sorry everyone, I couldn't get into Blogger the last couple of days...but here I am. Nothing much has happened in the last few days, other than the fact that Tiff seems to be doing well in Greece. I was supposed to have to days off on Thursday and Friday, but yesterday they called me in for a 4pm shift. Oh well, money's money.

Looks like my favorite contestant Raj is gone from The Apprentice. Too bad the receptionist wouldn't go out with him...smooth guy to the end. Who's going to win now? I don't know and don't really care that much now. The show hasn't been as interesting as last year, I don't really see ANYBODY who's really capable of becoming The Apprentice.

OK, to finish off, a little quote I got off of a friend's page....cheers...

"Friends are like television. Some are like PBS and always asking for money. Others are like the news, with sad tales to tell everyday, some are like that one station with the foreign language; you don't understand a word of it but you listen and watch anyway. And then there are the ones like the commercials, always changes, ever-so-annoying and only seem to be there when you are bored. But every once in a while you meet someone who's like a really good movie of the week or that one tv show you hardly ever get to see anymore because you're so busy. My point is hold on to the friends that deserve ur love and the ones u care about. Since we don't have a remote control to mute someone or just change the channel, pick your friends CAREFULLY."

Thursday, November 04, 2004

48 Hours of Freedom

At last, two days off Thursday and Friday. It's been an interesting week to say the least. I've "heard" that I won the Hallowe'en costume contest at work, but nobody seems to know what the prize (if any?) is. I heard that the prize is coming from Head Office...what does that mean? Somebody said it's $100. Last time I got a prize from the casino it was a T-shirt. So we'll see.

I'll be pretty busy on my days off, lunch with my usual Thursday lunch date, and then I have to finish 6 evaluations for dealers. I actually had 5 but one of the supervisors was too busy and asked me to do one....guess who the evaluation is for? Hint: look at the subtitle of my blog. Well, nevertheless, I have to be fair, and there is a lot that she can work on to become a good roulette dealer.

Wonder how Tiff is doing, it's weird not reading an update on her blog after so many days! EMAIL ME!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Damn Blisters

Looks like the silly Americans are going to vote the silly president back into office for four years. Well, if anything, the alternative wasn't exactly any better.

Just went to a dinner for one of the managers at the casino that is transferring to Coquitlam. I guess I'm still a little buzzed...and I have to go to work tomorrow at 5pm.

In other silly news, I'd bought a new pair of shoes a few days ago, and I guess they're a bit too tight because I developed two ugly blisters on the heel. What sucks is they can't heal well because I have to wear the shoes to work, and I end up tearing the skin again (ewwww). Aren't you glad I told you all about this?

Monday, November 01, 2004

Trick or Treat

Did everybody have a nice Hallowe'en? With little time to decide yesterday when I went shopping for a costume, it was down to Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and either Austin Powers or Dr. Evil. In the end I decided on Austin Powers. Damn I looked good.

In other news, I am tied for first again in the football pool, and can win another $555 this week if things go well. Ideally, the New York Jets will beat the Miami Dolphins by more than 6 points AND the total points scored by both teams are less than 42.

Where are you Tiff? Having fun over there yet?