Friday, October 01, 2004


7:45pm, waiting for a dreadful 10:15pm-6:15am shift at work. I missed The Apprentice yesterday because I forgot it was on Wednesday, but it's on at 8pm so cool.

Considering I was sick, I managed to get a lot done today. I had lunch with Sam (there, you're mentioned), made my weekly deposit at the bank (and I don't mean sperm), picked up the two Armani shirts that I'd ordered on eBay (and they're real too) and my drycleaning as well. Now just getting ready for work.

Thanks Tiff for bringing back horrid memories of High School. I can't believe I had to remember radicals after all these years. All these repressed memories are returning. Eek...just kidding...ask me for help anytime.

This must be one of the most boring blog entries I've had. Does anybody want to know anything about me?

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