Thursday, January 21, 2010


My heart goes out to those people in the customer service industries. This is a vague category that encompasses many jobs but more or less share a common goal. While most of the time the employees deal with great people who show respect, other times the opposite happens. Supposedly, "the customer is always right". Now every so often something must be done to please the customer. Even if the bill says "no refund", sometimes a concession is made so the customer comes back. Even if the dealer and supervisor are sure that the player wanted a card and made a signal to hit (and then bust), sometimes a ruling is made in the customer's favor. That is part of the job.

But what is unfortunate is that this "privilege" is abused. And no, I'm not going to start ranting about the casino industry. That I will reserve for another post (and most likely on my other blog). I just don't like it when people think abusive language and gestures are acceptable just because they are "valued customers". Yes, this applies to my job, but it happens in other industries too. Today my girlfriend had to deal with an extremely rude tenant who thought that by yelling and screaming, things would be done faster. Do they expect respect when they themselves cannot show any? "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". It is unfortunate that certain cultures are less respectful than others.

I think back to the urban legend that in some restaurants if you complain enough about the food the chefs will do something "gross" to your meal.

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