Friday, January 22, 2010

Le Gros Bill

Not many people of the newer generations would know who the title of this post refers to. But to anybody who follows old-time hockey, anybody who is a Habs fan (and many, many people who are not), they know that Le Gros Bill is the nickname of one Mr. Jean Beliveau. While he retired long before I got a chance to see him play, I have read so many stories of the classiest hockey player who ever lived. Just go on the TSN website and read how many letters of support there were for him, who suffered a stroke yesterday. Bruin fans who hated the Habs, Leaf fans who hated the Habs, any many other non-Hab fans had nothing but respect for this fine gentleman. He was the epitome of class, and all I can say is I pray for a speedy recovery. I can honestly say if the hockey players of today would have even half of the class that Mr. Beliveau possessed, the world would be a better place.

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