Monday, January 04, 2010


Not long ago, a friend asked me the following question (well I turned it into a two-parter). It was very tough for me to answer.

1) You are on the ill-fated Titanic (or some other luxury liner) and the boat is about to sink. Before you is a lifeboat. You have been instructed that there is room for you and one other person. You look beside you and see: Your Mom, your significant other, your child. Of the four of you, two people can go on the lifeboat, and the decision is yours. Who do you select? Are you one of them? If you select yourself then skip #2.

2) Same situation but YOU have to be one of the people on the lifeboat. You can select one other person to be with you: Your Mom, your significant other, your child. Who do you choose?

I added #2 because (well maybe it's just me) I assume most people would pick somebody other than themselves for #1. But anyways, enjoy your moral issue of the day.

In case anybody is wondering, for me it was really difficult. My Mom brought me up and everything I have accomplished in life is more or less due to her (and my family). But then again, she has had a wonderful life. I have a significant other who I promised to be with "till death do us part". Hmmm. And of course if I had a child, perhaps it is time to let him or her carry on my heritage.

#1: My significant other and my child
#2: If I had to be on the boat, then it would be with my significant other

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Anonymous said...

Without meaning to cause offense, once you have a child and know how it feels, there is no chance you would take your significant other over your child. Zero. It's so 100% certain that the poll actually isn't really that interesting. David