Sunday, May 25, 2008


My cherished Madonna tickets can be picked up at the Ticketmaster on Wednesday. But today at work I've been stuck in a quandary. Here is my line of thinking and options regarding my two awesome seats for Madonna. Once again, with taxes, they came out to about $350.

Tickets in the same area are going on eBay for a total of $1000-$1500. I'm guaranteed to make money if I sell them (whether it's on eBay or Craigslist). I could probably sell them, buy two tickets for myself at a lower price (and obviously worse seats) and still make a profit.

Let's assume my love for Madonna transcends my love for money. I'll never get a chance to be 16 rows away from one of my music idols. So I decide to keep my tickets. Well, what do I do with the SECOND ticket? Perhaps by then I've found Ms. Right and we'll be madly in love and I'll have no qualms about treating her. After all it only cost me $175. But if I am still in the running for The Bachelor at that time, should I take a friend and charge cost for the ticket? Do I try to sell ONE ticket on eBay, and possibly even make enough to pay for my own ticket? But then how silly would it look if I went to the concert by myself?

Madonna or money?


Anonymous said...

My friend, go with you heart. If it's 25 years you've waited for this experience, why do you want to lessen it with worst seats? If it's a friend you are selling your ticket to, I would probably not try to profit since you will want to be able to share your experience with someone you care about, not the highest bidder (your friend will no doubt be thankful and should at least buy you a dinner). Let's face it, you would have paid $350 for 1 floor seat without much thought.

Jason said...

Thank you oh anonymous one. My heart has been telling me exactly as you say. But my mind is telling me otherwise. Nevertheless, the heart will probably win.

johnnymc said...

Can you honestly put a price on a dream?

I didn't think so.