Saturday, May 24, 2008

Deal or No Deal?

After another unsuccessful night trying to win the Bad Beat jackpot at Edgewater (it's over $82,000) I had breakfast with Jackeline but by then it was 8am. I set my alarm for 9:30am and then made sure my laptop was working perfectly. At about 9:55am I went to the Ticketmaster website and waited and waited until the clock struck 10am. The website wasn't accessible until 10:03am but suddenly I saw in front of me two floor tickets in the 16th row for $165 each. It was an easy decision and now I have two tickets to see someone I've been waiting almost 25 years to see in concert. Next to ABBA, this is the one concert I regret not ever seeing. But on October 30, I'll be there.

Then again I could probably sell the 2 floor tickets and probably make $1000 IN PROFIT. But it is Madonna.

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Anonymous said...


I was hooked on this little vixen back in the '80s as well. Madonna is priceless in my book so congrats to you!

I'd still turn 350 into 1000 any day... :)

Unless it meant sitting front row watching Fischer play...