Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Terrible Tuesday

Actually it wasn't that terrible, didn't do much on my day off except to take it easy. I got my "Color Wheel" today that I'd ordered from eBay for a couple of bucks. Interesting little contraption that's supposed to tell you what colors match with each other.

I have three days to finish an evaluation for one of the employees at work (part of my job as a pit boss at the casino), and unfortunately it's not going to be a good one. However, that's part of the job it can't be all a bed of roses.

Tiffy, I hope you have a fun time at camp, it will be kinda boring for a couple of days without that emu picture. Maybe I'll bug Ben for a few days (what the hell does 9-7-5-3 mean anyways?).

On a side note, THE STAR WARS TRILOGY just came out on DVD! At last! Too bad it's like almost 70 friggin dollars.


Anonymous said...

The 9-7-5-3 classic is the ownage shit, yo! Let's hypothesize that you're just chillaxin' with three of your slice-o's and y'all decide to commence some festive housage. Obviously, you're going to go all town style and h4x0r shit the whole night so that will induce some crazy 12-style fiestas. If your doing one of the mad hatters and one dude scores 4-3-2 with his fiendiosos, the other jalopies consequently pull a 4-2-1, a 3-2-0 and a 2-1-0 out of their hats. And, therefore, you've just sliced a 9-7-5-3 classic.

Jason said...

WTF did you just say?

Anonymous said...

My bad, yo! My spillage "If your doing one" should have been presented as "If you're doing one". I'm sure you'll understand now, yo.