Friday, September 24, 2004


Something strange is going on at work. I could swear one of the floor managers at work (Andy) is actively trying to set me up with you know who. I hope he succeeds. She dissed me again after work. Mind you, it was like 6:15 in the morning and she said she was tired. Who the hell wouldn't be tired at 6 in the morning? Perhaps tomorrow.

I do sense that she's actually showing a bit of interest, and is currently in the midst of the obligatory "playing hard to get" portion of the chase. I assume this is all in the "Girls Book of How to Land a Guy". Poor girl has been limping as well, evidently she fell and scraped her little knee a few days ago.

By the way, WELCOME BACK Tiff! Did you have fun at camp? Enjoy your science walk and square dancing?

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Anonymous said...

Science walk was okay except this girl in my group who I really hate... "Minnie".

And I didn't have to square dance... but we did do some line dancing... =P

As well as some other things I shall not mention here.