Saturday, March 01, 2008

So Far So Bad

Here's a quick update as Rounds 1-3 have just been completed. I knew from the start that I would have no chance of being anywhere near the top of the standings and today I proved my point. Puzzle had a 15-minute time limit. The pros were leaving the room (aka finished) after 3 minutes. I stuck around trying to complete the puzzle; I had most of it done at 7 minutes but spent 5 minutes trying to figure out one word. It's too bad I don't know my Jewish terms or I'd have filled in MAZELTOV instead of the incorrect MAZELTOF. Puzzle 2 was a mess and I (as well as many others in the room) were nowhere near finishing. I managed to complete Puzzle 3, but I had to guess some of the words so we'll see. The festivities continue in 30 minutes.

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