Monday, March 03, 2008

Back to Life, Back to Reality

I have returned from perhaps the best vacation of my life. My result in the tournament was insignificant compared to the amazement I felt seeing 700+ people in one room just doing crosswords. It was a varied group of people from many walks of life who happened to share the love of one thing. I do plan to return next year.

As for New York itself, I think I truly like the city more than Vegas. And those who know me know that this is a bold statement to make. But just standing in front of Times Square I realized what an amazing town this New York is. I have to come back to see some shows, visit museums and explore the city in detail. I have actually figured out the subway system.

The downside to this trip is that I did take a hit in my pocketbook but a trip to Vegas would probably have done the same. Now I must go back to work and recover.

P.S. The link to the tournament is at Crossword Tournament


Rex Parker said...


Wish I'd gotten to meet you in Brooklyn. I did a phone interview with the Vancouver Sun, and I told her "You know, there are Vancouver people here, right now." She should have talked to you, I think. Local interest. Anyway, maybe I'll meet you next year ...


John said...

Well done Jason, I'm glad you had a great trip!