Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I think I could almost change my blog to some sort of a daily rant thing, but something has been irking me as of late (actually, as of a long time ago). Text messaging has become a way of life for a lot of people. I can understand that you may wish to keep your message short (to save money perhaps) and so you would use certain abbreviations. Shortcuts such as "lol" and "thx" have become part of language. Writing "lol" instead of "laughing out loud" does save time. But is it really necessary to shorten a word such as "because" to an ugly replacement such as "becoz"? Does saving two letters really change the world? And to confuse matters more, some folks like to put "lolz" instead of "lol". And permit me to take a stab at my own culture but please stop adding crap like "lar" and "lor" at the end of every sentence. If you're going to keep your email or text message short, don't add stupid combinations of letters that don't even make a word. Don't waste my time.

It's no wonder today's education is in such a disarray. Nobody can spell correctly now. I was once known at work as the guy who writes too much in his emails. I guess correct spelling and grammar is a crime.

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