Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Poker Man is Back

Tonight we had a party for some of the staff that were being transferred to Richmond. Most of us got drunk as usual, some more than others. It was great for me because I brought $120 there, had a few beers, bought some drinks for the pretty ladies, and somehow at the end of the night I took home $275!??!

What happened was we had four poker tournaments, and I cashed in on three of them. The first one was $50+$5, and I ended up second for a prize of $150. The second was also $50+$5, and I got third place for $75. The third was a $30+$5 tournament which I managed to win (yay!) and I got $180. I didn't cash in on the last one unfortunately. It was a lot of fun. Hey any time you can get a bit drunk and somehow make money, it can't be all that bad. And now, back to work in 17 hours...

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