Friday, May 27, 2005

Coffee and Soup?

Busy day today, although technically I really didn't accomplish anything. Michael called me in the morning to play golf, which we did until about 1:30pm. Then I went home for a little nap. At about 5pm the electrician came to fix one of the outlets (the one closest to the fold-down ironing board). Then I had to walk to the casino and attend a "Coffee Talk" session with the Chief Financial Officer of Great Canadian Casinos (7pm-8:15pm). RIGHT afterwards I had an interesting time downtown...

I joined some company called Consumer Research, a focus group company where you test certain things and they pay you for it. They'd called me yesterday saying that they were testing Beef Vegetable Soup tonight so what the heck. As it turned out, it was for a new Subway soup. They gave us four different kinds of Beef Vegetable and we made comments on what we thought. The third one was the rest; the last one tasted like shit. We even got to make comments on different kinds of bowls and lids they wanted to use (something tells me Tiffany would like stuff like this). Anyways I got paid $35 for it. It's cool. If anybody is interested, go to and join.

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