Monday, May 16, 2005

I'm Back!

I'm finally moved in! Somehow I managed to complete the most gruelling and stressful days of my life yesterday (Sunday). It started as I finished my shift at 6:15am. I got home at around 6:30 and tried to pack a few small boxes of shit. It's amazing how much shit one accumulates in a short time. Anyways, the movers came at 10am. We moved all the big items and some boxes. They finished their part at around 2:30pm. The big sucky thing is that my big sofa won't fit into the living room. There is a little "S" turn to get from the kitchen (where the door is) to the living room, and I can't manoeuver the couch around there. The loveseat fits so now I have to decide what to do. Maybe sell the sofa and loveseat as a set and then buy furniture that matches and fits (Ikea anyone)?

Then I had the undaunting task of moving the small stuff. I didn't realize how hard that would be, especially given my extremely limited time frame. Somehow, someway, I managed to get everything done by 8pm before my appointment with the old landlord to return the keys, etc. Then I got to my new place at around 9pm, in time to take a shower and then change to get ready for another 10:15pm shift.

In order to survive, I bought a triple espresso at work, then bought a can of Red Bull at work and cup of Coke. Then I just drank everything quickly. It was fun to see me alert for about three hours and then slowly deteriorate into a zombie. I didn't want to drink any more caffeine at 3am as I wanted to get a good night's (well good morning's) sleep when I got home.

I managed to totally zonk out for 5 hours before the cable guy came in to hook up my Internet and cable. Right now my muscles are so bloody sore from the previous day. It's like I just completed a marathon or something. I'm not even going to consider to start unpacking. But at least I'm back online.

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