Monday, January 10, 2005


I forgot to report on the debut of my hot pink shirt two nights ago (Saturday). I definitely turned a few heads. Some were shocked to say the least, but generally the shirt got very good reviews. Somebody said "it takes a real man to wear pink". In a way that's right, some people wear the same old crap every day and they look dull. My philosophy is to be different. Tonight I wore my purple shirt with the olive green Armani and a perfectly matched purple/green tie.

Unfortunately the next three nights I'm stuck wearing a white shirt and black pants, as I'm dealing! In fact I have 6 dealing shifts out of 10 this schedule; quite a refreshing change from all the supervising.

I am still waiting for "the interview" for the floor manager position, but inside sources seem to indicate I have an extremely good chance to get it. And if I don't, then that's fine, because in a way I almost hope I don't get it. To achieve such a high position in so short a time is quite overwhelming. But whatever happens happens.

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