Monday, January 17, 2005

Life and Times of a Shopaholic

My apologies for not posting on the weekend. It was rather uneventful except for the fact that Lily and I went shopping (again) on Saturday). We went downtown to Pacific Center. We decided to go to Holt Renfrew and check out the Louis Vuitton section. I need a wallet, but they are so bloody expensive. However, LV rules so if I get the floor manager position, I'll definitely buy one. Lily ordered a nice purse which "only" cost $900 or so. I also went into the Hermes section, where they sell ties for ridiculous prices. No I didn't buy one.

It seems that everybody is assuming I'll get the floor manager position, which is good or bad. I guess I should prepare for an eventual promotion, but also prepare for NOT getting the job (in which case I shouldn't be disappointed). But it's almost like everybody is expecting I'll get it. We'll see.

I have an early start on Monday so I'll head to sleep early (as if 7am can be considered early).

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