Saturday, January 29, 2005

Midnight is Here (in about 4 hours)

I decided not to go to the chess tournament on the weekend. It would be fruitless because my mind would not be on the games, and I would be too tired at work. Instead, I went to dinner last night (Friday) with Lily and Mei, then went to Lily's house to play Big 2. We actually stayed up until 6am? Hmm, cool, just like I was working.

I went to bed at around 7am and had an incredibly wonderful sleep, waking up just before 5pm. I haven't had a relaxing sleep like that in a while, and I'm surprised I did considering the stress I have been through. Nevertheless, I'm pretty sure I'll find out tonight whether or not I got the floor manager position. I'm pessimistic but still hopeful. So I will sit here for another four hours before learning my fate.

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