Friday, January 14, 2005

Accepting Donations

I had lunch with Lily today, since I had the interview on Thursday. She originally wanted to go shopping downtown tomorrow (Saturday), but I mentioned that I was going to go to Metrotown to get some suits at Grafton. So we decided to do so at about 4pm after she was off work. We drove to Metrotown and I proceeded to buy two suits (one black, one navy) for $615 or so (both suits were 50% off). The weird thing was I was wearing my hot pink shirt at the time, and it matched quite well with the black suit. It's true what they say, anything goes with a black suit. We also did some random shopping; she bought some nice little pendants for her niece and we had a nice walk around the mall. Tomorrow we will continue our shopping excursions downtown before I work at 10:15pm.

I also bought a USB cable thing for my new phone, and just received my CD from eBay that has a bunch of wallpapers and ringtones for the phone. Hmm, shall I go with ABBA?

All I know is just like that my bank account has decreased by $700, so if anybody wants to donate to the "Make Jason Look Good" Fund, please go right ahead. Nighty night.

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