Sunday, November 21, 2004

Must Be PMS

What an ugly night to return to after two wonderful days off. The floor manager was in an amazingly grumpy mood and it definitely showed. She was pretty much yelling at everybody and blaming others for certain mistakes when it was she herself who made them (I won't go into detail here). As supervisors, we are told never to rebuke dealers on the table, but to take them aside or speak to them on their breaks. The same should apply when a manager must say something to a supervisor. However, Ms. Floor Manager was pretty much insulting us within hearing range of dealers and supervisors (and players) and it definitely does not look good.

But after work five of us (supervisors) had a wonderful breakfast at Denny's venting our frustrations out, it was awesome. I still feel shitty about the whole night but at least I got a lot of things off my chest. Now I can hopefully get a decent "day's" sleep before getting back to the grind at 8:30pm.

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