Tuesday, November 23, 2004

If Life is a Bowl of Cherries then Why am I in the Pits?

Lately my life seems to be in a rut. Sure, I'm happy I'm back at work at the casino, catching up on old times with friends and meeting new people. But every day it seems to be the same old thing...sleep, eat, work (in different orders). I need a holiday and so far have requested some time off in July for the 2005 Canadian Open. I'd also like to go to Vegas some time in the spring just to see the greatest place in the world. Soon Ben and I will take the poker world by storm I hope.

As for chess, I doubt I'll be playing much in the coming months, perhaps not until the Canadian Open itself. There's just no time and energy to devote a whole weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Don't be a newbie, play some chess.