Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Anna Who?

Can it be, has somebody come into my life that makes me forget about Anna?

There are two new roulette dealers, one was Jelena, who was part of that little incident I wrote about yesterday. The other is a ravishing girl named Jolene. I had seen her a few months ago when I had a day shift, as she used to work days until she took the roulette course, and now must return back to night shift.

Anyways, suffice to say there was something about her, something enticing. As if by fate, her very first shift on roulette was with me supervising, and even though she was nervous, she managed to get through it. Evidently she was telling everybody in the breakroom what a nice supervisor I was, helping her through her first hour. My best friend at the casino, Michael, was even asking me what the hell was going on between me and Jolene, because he noticed we were standing very close to each other. Hmmm....

And now, a decision to make...there is the quiet, gentle Anna, and from what I gather, the more outgoing Jolene. Hopefully I'll end up with one of them at least.

On another note, I saw the premiere episode of Rebel Billionaire, the reality show with Richard Branson. This is a cool show if you haven't watched it yet.

OK good night. Lily wants to have lunch on Wednesday instead of Thursday this week, and since it's about 7am now I better get some rest.

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