Friday, January 30, 2009

Vegas: January 28

The afternoon event was the Bodies Exhibition which was a weird but really interesting "show". It was also quite educational as I learned a lot about the human body. We had our usual dinner at Bally's Steakhouse where Joe and I planned the rest of the evening. I happened to walk by a lady selling individual roses for $10 each. Yes!

So at 7:30pm for the second night in a row, Joe and I were seated at the very front. I could literally jump right on stage (and believe me, I've dreamed about doing that). The concert started again and at one point Donny looked down and saw Joe and I and actually said "What are you two doing here again?". Even Marie looked down and saw us and pointed at Joe's forehead.

Near the end of Marie's solo part, just before she sang Pie Jesu I stood up and held my little rose up. She looked down and said "is that for me?". The whole showroom did their "awwww" and I felt like a teenager again. She joked about having eight kids and being single. Boy if I even thought I had a chance....she gave me a hug and I stole a kiss from her. I'll never forget that moment.

At the second meet and greet, we were one of the first people in. Donny's first words were "there they are!". We got some more nice pictures and promised that we would be back, although it probably would not be for a while. But it was the time of my life. Thank you Donny and Marie.

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