Thursday, January 31, 2008

Got House?

For a variety of reasons, I will be moving out of my current place and going closer to work. I've thought a lot in the past few months about financing my own place and instead of procrastinating until I'm in a wheelchair, I'm now in the process of seeing what I can do in terms of owning my own place. At the moment there is nothing in Vancouver that is affordable (and it wouldn't be any closer to work). But in Cloverdale and Langley the prices are a lot better and will certainly move up in price as we near the Olympics. So let's see what the future holds.


John said...

A house you can call your own.

What a fantastic move towards your future, Jason! I am happy for you.

Jason said...

It's a big step and I'll be in debt in the beginning but hopefully I can get through it without getting into big trouble.