Thursday, December 02, 2004

Who Needs Sleep?

Eek, I get home in the morning (Wednesday) at around 8:30am, hoping for a decent sleep. I knew at some point a new fridge would be delivered since the old one broke. But I was told it would come around 3:30pm, which was OK...

At 10am I was woken up by the casino, asking if I could go to Richmond for a 12pm shift. The floor manager was not aware that I had just finished an 11pm-7am shift in Coquitlam the night before. Due to health regulations (or whatever it's called), I cannot work unless 8 hours have elapsed between shifts, so I couldn't.

Then at 11am a friend of mine asked me out for lunch (no not Lily). And at 11:30am my Mom called to make plans for lunch on Thursday. Finally at 3pm the fridge arrives. And at 5pm I started my shift at work. Was I grumpy? What do you think?

But it's over now and I have my days off. I have lunch with family tomorrow and then a trip to the eye specialist to see if there is anything wrong with my eye. I certainly hope not, I'm actually a bit scared. Well, we'll see.

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