Friday, December 17, 2004

Christmas Mayhem

I was going to go shopping today on my day off but ended up staying home most of the day.....and without my computer too. I lent my notebook out to Michael because his was broken and he needed to take care of all his financial wheelings and dealings. I did go out briefly but came home in time to watch The Apprentice. It was pretty uneventful, as I pretty much knew who would win early on in the show. And when it was live, everybody voted for Kelly. Damn I would have chosen the Vegas condo, maybe if the Donald reads this blog....I'm available.

I've pretty much planned my Christmas shopping. My plan each year is to decide what to get for whoever I'm getting present for, then spend a day (or two max) running around frantically. This way I only experience the mayhem for one day. At least this year I'm starting "early". I've been known to start my Christmas shopping on December 24 about an hour before the shops close.

Only three more days until the Christmas party for work. Time to get drunk and dance the night away. Ben (and Tiff too), I hear there will be a hold'em tournament so if you can somehow get a fake ID, come to the Aqua Lounge Sunday night after 9pm.

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