Thursday, December 23, 2004


The quest for Anna has ended. She's turned out to be one heck of a bitch. There I said it. It's mean, but it's true. If you happen to find this blog, Anna, well you are a bitch. And if anybody who knows Anna reads this blog, you can tell her that too. I know she's saying bad things about me so she'll get a taste of her own medicine. I'm usually very easygoing and can take a lot of jokes, but don't ever say things behind my back. So be it.

And for those who are wondering, no I won't say anything more about the matter. I'm going to enjoy my two days off and get ready for a nice Christmas dinner at my uncle's on Christmas Eve. Tomorrow I'll have lunch with Lily and dinner with Mickey. Somewhere in between I have to take that bloody Field Test to see if there is anything wrong with my eyes.

I'd like to say a special hello to my buddy in Oregon, the great johnnymc. It's been too long, we must keep in touch more often! I wonder where White Pants is after all these years.

Merry Christmas to all (except the Bitch)....hey, I'm actually feeling better now.

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