Friday, October 02, 2009

C Restaurant

It was one year ago tonight that I went to dinner with a very special lady. For our one-year first-date anniversary (is it legal to use two dashes in one sentence?) I chose one of my favorite restaurants, the only one I know of with one letter in it's name... C Restaurant. When I booked the reservation online I was asked if I wanted flowers to be delivered as well, so I thought why not. It was suggested that I call the restaurant to say that flowers would be delivered and to have them arranged. So I did.

So we went to the restaurant and I saw the flowers that I'd ordered along with another arrangement that I assumed was part of the restaurant. Evidently my phone conversation was misinterpreted and the restaurant thought that I'd asked them to get some flowers to put on the table. So Amy got two arrangements instead of one.

Oh the food. As usual, I really enjoyed dinner at C. Amy had a lobster bisque and I ordered a pork belly as an appetizer. You could say that I got a nice piece of fat pork but it was delicious. Oh I forgot, we'd also gotten a little apertif beforehand, some sort of a drink which I couldn't remember the ingredients of.

For main courses, she had scallops and I had a seared halibut. Maybe the fish was a tad overcooked but I still enjoyed it. For dessert I had a white chocolate bread pudding.

I was most impressed with the excellent service. As each dish was presented, the kind server (Drew) would describe it. Water was readily filled up and I had a good time, even if I paid extra for another bunch of flowers. But they were nice.

Happy Anniversary, Baby.

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