Monday, September 21, 2009

Dating Disaster (Luckily Not Me)

Amy and I were having a casual dinner at a small restaurant in Burnaby. Normally I don't make comments about people sitting beside us but in this case I must. It all started when the couple sat down and probably within 30 seconds they were holding hands. Or perhaps the girl grabbed the hand of the guy or vice versa. Well whatever. All I know is on the corner of my head I saw a guy in a shirt or polo shirt. Then Amy told me to look at him as he was standing up. I almost burst out laughing. The guy's tie was, well, shall we say, hanging even further than "down there". I mean, mean usually have their ties too short (even I am sometimes) when the tip should be just at the belt buckle. This guy's tie was practically touching the floor.

Then when it came time for them to go, the guy tells the girl to pay her own half or something like that. I could sense the girl really pissed off at this time. She said something about having no change. Then she goes up to the cashier to get change. Maybe the guy thought she would end up paying or something. It gets all confusing after. While she was up there paying the guy gets up and goes to the cashier too (to get change??). The girl comes back followed by the guy who gives her money because I think he assumed that she paid for his share too. But she hadn't so the guy had to go back up to the cashier to pay his share. I know, I know, why should I care. I just found it so silly. If this was a first date then I'll bet the farm the loser guy isn't getting another one. If they've gone out before then I'm pretty sure it's over now.

There's your laugh for the day. And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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