Saturday, September 26, 2009

Casino Life

It is often said that one should never date a coworker or someone in their own workplace. That does make a lot of sense because of what would happen if things don't work out. But that is not the topic of this entry.

I'm writing more about the life of a casino employee, especially one with either "abnormal" hours or swing shifts (my hand is up). Well I guess I can extend it to anybody who doesn't have a regular 9am-5pm job, like doctors or other on-call occupations. How do you function? How do you mix work with a social life? If you are single, how hard has (or had) it been to do things outside of work? If you are dating, how understanding is the partner? "Normal" relationships consist of having dinner with each other at 6 or 7 and then a movie or other activities.

If you are married, how understanding is the spouse? I do know it actually works well for some "married with children" people. One parent will tend to matters while the other is at work. But this also means that they are away from each other for 8 hours. Is this good or bad?

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