Tuesday, September 08, 2009

America's Got Talent

OK normally I have nothing but negative things to say about reality shows. And even for most of the episodes I've watched of America's Got Talent, nothing has particularly stood out. It seemed that the only memorable acts are from strange people. There is the country singer who reminded us of Susan Boyle for some reason. Tonight I saw two kids probably eight or nine dancing to Michael Jackson but ballroom style. Huh?

But the last performance was that of a lady named Barbara Padilla who had evidently beaten cancer years ago. My first reaction was, well, of course, without a story how could they get so far? But then she started singing one of two opera songs that I truly adore (the other one is Pie Jesu), Ave Maria. I remember the first time I heard Sarah Brightman sing it, "there was someone in my eye". Tonight it happened again. While we'll find out tomorrow of she makes it to the final, I can't see anybody else beating her. As Piers Morgan said, "a star was born tonight". Bravo.

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