Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Vegas: October 14

SHOW 4: Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas

After breakfast at Bill's we were pretty close to Paris so we decide to go up the Eiffel Tower and see what this whole awesome view things was all about. Wow! Although the tower is only a quarter-size replica of the real thing and obviously the sights were different, the view of Las Vegas atop the Eiffel Tower was breathtaking. As much fun as it was to go with Joe, I kept thinking how wonderful it would have been to be with Amy. That's all I was thinking of.

SHOW 5: Price is Right Live at Bally's

I go back in time to 1974 when my Grandma and I would religiously watch The Price is Right with Bob Barker. It was so much fun. Although this wasn't the "real thing" it was as close as possible. I was hoping so much to hear those words "Jason Feng COME ON DOWN!". It wasn't meant to be. But Joe and I enjoyed the show so much we decided we'd come back later in the week if it was at all possible.

SHOW 6: Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay

Joe had told me a lot of good things about this so we went. It was a really nice attraction and worth the small admission fee (as opposed to the Secret Garden). I took some nice pictures which I'll either post here or on Facebook later.

SHOW 7: Phantom at Venetian

This is the only time that Joe and I separated, as he was off to get kissed by Marie Osmond. But I knew that this trip I had to see Phantom so after dinner he went to the Flamingo and I cabbed to the Venetian. What a beautiful hotel and what a wonderful theater. Even though I'd seen the show so many times, the Vegas experience is always the best.

When I went home I gave in and called Amy. We weren't going to talk to each other during this trip but there's only so much I could take.

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