Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Vegas: October 13

The day began at around 9am. We had breakfast at Bill's Gambling Hall (in fact, we ended up having breakfast/brunch every day here).

SHOW 1: Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden at the Mirage

There was nothing special about this, especially since we had to pay $15. There were some cute dolphins and some nice animals, but they were so far away I couldn't get a good enough picture of the lions and tigers. The Lion Habitat at the MGM was so much better (and free!)

SHOW 2: Greg Popovich's Comedy Pet Theater at Planet Hollywood

We couldn't find a decent afternoon show so we decided on this. It was actually pretty good. Greg Popovich was one of those old-school jugglers who could do amazing things with hoops and boxes and things like that. He also trained a lot of cats and other animals to do cool tricks. We got a good deal on the tickets so why not?

SHOW 3: Criss Angel Believe

It's bad when you step into a cab and when the cabbie asks you what show you're going to see and you say Criss Angel he pauses and says "Good luck". We'd heard nothing but bad reviews about the show so we went not expecting much. I guess if you are a fan of Criss Angel (which I am not) you might like it but the show was not much Cirque du Soleil and more Criss Angel. The best part was probably the pre-show where a number of Cirque performers entertain the crowd. I even learned a magic trick that Joe would also be more than happy to show everyone.

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