Friday, June 20, 2008

My Vegas Trip - Chapter 2: The Shows

In my four previous visits to Vegas, I have NEVER had to opportunity to see a show. I'd always gone with diehard gamblers who always preferred to gamble over seeing a show. But on this trip I'd promised myself that I would try to see a show or two. Luckily for me, one of my travelling companions was Joe, who shared my interest in Vegas shows. He managed to catch three himself, while I was more than satisfied with my selection of two shows. There were four or five other shows that I would have loved to have watched; maybe next time.

On Tuesday night I caught the newer Cirque de Soleil show, Ka, at the MGM Theatre. The theater itself was magnificent, and the show itself pays homage to the Cirque de Soleil type of show. Perhaps the only reservation I had was the storyline, which was a bit hard to follow at times. But the acrobatic feats and effects were breathtaking.

On Wednesday night, thanks to Joe, I was able to catch Elton John in concert at the theater at Caesars that had been vacated by one Celine Dion. Seeing Sir Elton had been one of my "goals in life", knowing his reputation as a performer. And Sir Elton did not disappoint, with a wonderful show that lasted just short of two hours. While it is impossible to fill the show with all of his hits, he had a great selection of past and present hits and a wonderful video display at the back. The defining moment of my trip was when I saw the image of Marilyn Monroe and I knew what song was coming up. You can call me a wuss or a wimp or worse (I really don't care) but at this point my eyes started moisten and I started to cry. While he sang Candle in the Wind, I was treated to a sad but beautiful montage of Marilyn Monroe pictures. She was such a beautiful woman and the song was so haunting when partnered with this wonderful video.

After the video Joe and I went to eat (see chapter on Food) and by then it was close to midnight so we decided to see....a movie. The Incredible Hulk was showing at 12:25am so we thought why not, one more show in Vegas! The movie was OK, nothing special considering all the Marvel movies I've seen.

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