Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ghost Rider

Last night I went to see yet another "adapted from the comics" movie, this one starring the guy who named his baby Kal-El Cage. All I can say is I should be more selective in choosing the movies I see, because I saw another bomb. After Music and Lyrics early in the month (which I liked), I've seen two really bad movies with supposedly good actors (Number 23 with Jim Carrey and Ghost Rider with Nicholas Cage).

The fact that I'd never read the comic Ghost Rider probably had something to do with the confusion I felt in the movie. It just didn't make sense. Perhaps the only good thing about the movie is that every once in a while I got to see Eva Mendez' cleavage because they definitely had that in mind when they selected her wardrobe in the movie. If you can get a hold of ANY clips with her in the movie you'll see what I mean.

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