Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My So Called Life

It's been an incredible few weeks that have gone by like a flash. I realize that my postings have been sporadic, and for that I apologize.

Floor managing has been quite the experience. To be honest, it hasn't been as overwhelming as I'd thought it would be. But that's not to say things are easy. It is an ongoing learning experience, and I have so much to learn. My time management has been below average to say the least. But I know what I have to do and know that I must do it.

In the meantime, life goes on. For the rest of December I will get almost all supervising shifts. I am scheduled for a managing shift on the morning of December 31. The end of one year, and the beginning of my new life so to speak.


johnnymc said...

So what is the difference between a manager and a supervisor?

I am sure managerial positions pay more and their status is higher -- just curious to hear the dichotomy of their responsibilities.

Jason said...

Supervisors watch a pit of three or four tables. Our casino has eight "pits" that may or may not all be open at a given time. Most evenings there are 7 pits open.

The floor manager is in charge of ensuring the entire casino is running smoothly. You could say that the manager watches the supervisors. He/she settles the big disputes, bars players if necessary, etc.

The shift manager (above the floor manager) is in charge of the numbers and more of the paper work. He/she settles disputes that the floor manager is unable to solve.

The floor manager wage is considerably higher than the supervisor wage. However, they are no longer in the tip pool so as it turns out, financially it's just a bit better to be floor manager. But status-wise, it's much better.