Thursday, March 10, 2011

Goodbye (long version)

I won't go into detail, but suffice to say I am no longer working for River Rock or Great Canadian Casinos. It was sudden but it's happened. I'll leave it at that.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people I met and knew through the years. People such as Albert and Ron I knew before I even started in the casino industry in 1989. It's hard to imagine that was 22 years ago. I spent many years at the Holiday Inn on Broadway later known as Casino on Broadway. It's ironic that a few days ago I was reminiscing about the HIB and those memories still remain.

I spent a year at Fraser Downs and I met some great people as well. Some people came over with me when the COB closed down but I met others when I went to Cloverdale. And not just the tables department, but also the security, cage, and slot departments were very welcome (sorry Deryck, I guess we won't be doing cards anymore).

The River Rock was where my career ended. Sorry guys, I can't help you with EO's and cancelled shifts anymore. Enjoy the 10am shifts though. Les is still morning EO king and Fred can stay the 8pm king. And when Dancing Queen or Beat It plays on the stereo, do a little dance if no one is watching. Mamma, somebody else has to get coffee now. And for whoever does: Albert (1 and 1), Danny (1 cream), Oscar (hot chocolate), Chris (3 and 3), Ann (3 and 3), Dan (double double) and Wanda (double double). Sorry graveyard, never did buy coffee for you guys...

To Albert, Danny, Oscar, Chris, Ann, Sina, Dan (I'm putting you in the midshift section), Howard, Sylvia, Lenny, Wanda, Bo and Eva, you are one fine team and it was my pleasure to work with you. To Rick, Deborah, Daniel, Jim and Ray, I'm sorry for what happened but keep up the fine work you do. Take care everyone.

That being said, OTHER than the casino industry, Facebook me (is that a verb now?) if there are any job opportunities that a Michael Jackson dancing tall Chinese guy may be qualified for....

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