Saturday, August 07, 2010

PNE Rumors

Yes, it's true, I'm working at the PNE. No, it's false, I'm not managing, and no I'm not supervising (unless I am needed for those jobs which is unlikely). I've been dying to do something I haven't done full time since about 2004 when I came back to GCC. Yes, I'm dealing roulette. I haven't had the chance to say those wonderful three words... "Place your bets"... and "No more bets". Yes I'm taking a pay cut but with the long hours it will be the same. I have my reasons, mostly to have a little break from that other place. It's only for two weeks, I'm sure River Rock will survive. And no, I won't ask for EO.

I leave you with the first and last lines of the best casino movie of all time, "Croupier"

"Now he had become the still centre of that spinning wheel of misfortune. The world turned round him... leaving him miraculously untouched. The croupier had reached his goal. He no longer heard the sound of the ball".....

.... "Now he had reached the point where he no longer heard the sound of the ball... the spin of the wheel had brought him home to the place where he was born. The croupier's mission was accomplished. At last he was Master of the Game. He had the power... to make you lose.

I remember when I first saw the movie how incredibly real the movie imitated my life. Well, I get to hear the sound of the ball again.

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