Saturday, August 21, 2010

Michael Buble

Wow.... that's all I can say about the Michael Buble concert I saw tonight. The guy definitely is a great showman who not only sings but also entertains the crowd. There were a lot of great surprises, so don't read on if you're seeing the show on Saturday.

Just when I was expecting him to sing a lot of his songs and maybe other classic tunes, he tells a story of how when he was growing up he idolized one Michael Jackson. Then out of nowhere he starts singing AND DANCING to Billy Jean, complete with Moonwalk. He's one cool guy.

For Vancouver Canuck fans, the highlight was probably when he introduced John Shorthouse (yes, the play-by-play guy) and the two of them did a tribute to Tom Larsheid, the color guy who was retiring after 30 years. I may not be a big Canuck fan, but it was a nice touch to an already great concert.

Thank you Mr. Buble.

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