Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pairs Figure Skating Final

Ever since Jamie Sale and David Pelletier were robbed of a gold medal years ago, I'd gotten a bit weary of watching pairs figure skating because it's so much dependent on the judges. It is supposed to be a beautiful sport but there's a lot of favoritism. But tonight I enjoyed it once more.

I had the opportunity to hear some of my most favorite pieces of music:

Theme from Love Story
Theme from Romeo and Juliet
The Way We Were
Blue Danube

What more could you ask for? The Chinese pair that ended up second brought the house down with their inspirational performance. They were more or less perfect and fittingly won the free skate. But unfortunately they could only get silver. The gold medalists danced a safe but beautiful routine. While the Chinese have been known in the past to concentrate on the technical aspects as opposed to the "beauty", it looks like times have changed.

And to the two Canadian pairs, thank you for representing Canada. While you fell short of the podium, you have done our country proud.

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