Thursday, November 26, 2009

Month Away

Well it's a month away from that Christmas thing. I know it is a big holiday for a lot of people but unfortunately I guess it hasn't been a big thing in my family. We did go out for a dinner but it really wasn't different from most family dinners. Way back when I would get some lucky red envelopes but somewhere along the line I got older and the envelopes got less and less. Rats.

I'm one of those that likes to plan all the gifts beforehand and then do all the shopping in one or two days if possible. I remember one year when I left everything to December 24 at 4pm. I had one hour of pure mayhem but I managed to get all the shopping done.

It's hard to shop for fear of buying something that the recipient doesn't like. I think clothes are tough. I can be picky about my bright colored shirts and ties. ABBA and Montreal Canadiens work for me (hint hint).

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