Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I was saddened to learn that William Petersen will be ending his run as one Gil Grissom on probably my favorite TV show of all time, CSI. It's hard to imagine that it has been 8 years since the show started its run. I hope it continues on, but it's going to be tough without Grissom. I bet many people still believe he actually DOES work in Las Vegas.

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johnnymc said...

I have been enjoying watching Season 1 and 2 of CSI (LV).

Gil Grissom is my favorite character though Sara Sidle has a cool name and she's a little cute too and she's my #2. I like the way both of them have same first and last names beginning with a same letter.

I am currently on Season 3 and although I catch an episode now and then on Thursdays, during the summer I am not sure what season is being shown so I am not spoiling things too much.

Gil is out on some sort of sabbatical and is replaced by a guy from the east coast (I think he is in I.A. if I am not mistaken).